515 15th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 


Urban Living in a City Rich in Parks, Green Spaces and Water

Minneapolis is rich in water and parks: Five15’s location is ideal to enjoy the many outdoor activities that the city offers.

Currie Park is across the street from Five15. It includes the Brian Coyle Community Center, which provides organized recreational opportunities and a variety of programs to the neighborhood. At Five15’s front door, a dedicated bicycle lane along 15th Avenue connects to Minneapolis’nationally renowned bikeway system, which includes over 120 miles of on- and off-street bike trails and lanes.

The Mississippi River, the beginning of the Mississippi Gorge and West River Parkway are about half a mile from Five15—an easy walk or bicycle ride using the dedicated bike lanes along 15th Avenue and 4th Street.

The scenic West River Parkway follows the river from Minneapolis to St. Paul: a pedestrian and a bicycle path run along it. Its 12-mile bicycle trail is one of the most enjoyable and spectacular bike rides in the Twin Cities. It begins and ends with spectacular waterfalls, St. Anthony Falls and Minnehaha Falls. In between, it offers majestic views of the Mississippi River, the old mill ruins, the Weisman Museum, perched like a huge sculpture on the top of the river bluff, to name a few. Scenic picnic spots are all along the way.

West River Parkway and its trails are part of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, a chain of parks and lakes connected by parkways and trails that extends through the city and includes the Chain of Lakes, Loring Park and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

The land on either side of the river forms the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, a “corridor” park, 72 miles long, that runs through Minneapolis and St. Paul. It has preserved the woodlands and other natural habitats along the river, and offers many peaceful opportunities for fishing, boating and canoeing.

The Mississippi Gorge Regional Park stretches along the east bank of the river from the University of Minnesota to the St. Paul border. The Gorge is a unique six-mile stretch of the Mississippi where the river has carved a deep valley with steep limestone bluffs, natural springs and hardwood forests. It is a true ecological treasure: 30 native fish species thrive in its waters, and it is used as a migration corridor by about 100 species of birds, including 40% of the North American migratory waterfowl. It is surrounded by native ecosystems of rare mesic oak savanna and other deciduous hardwood forests and open prairie meadows.

Scenic off-road paths run on both sides of the Mississippi. Some follow the river from atop the bluffs; others wind down through the Gorge, reaching the river and beautiful quiet beaches. This trail system is excellent for walking, bicycling and hiking, and leads to wonderful spots for bird watching. 

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